Original Lithium Hydroxide Relaxer

This chemical relaxer works best with normal to medum hair. A hair relaxer for curly hair effective on a range of curl types, from loose waves to curls and coils, providing consistent results without scalp irritation. This well PH balanced Lithium Hydroxide relaxer formula has been carefully researched and developed to offer the best safe and comfort experience while straightening and smoothing hair that is thicker and difficult to manage.

  1. Strengthen & Retain moisture.
  2. Silky straight hair & intense shine.
  3. Well balanced PH for safe relaxing process.

Before Relaxing: DO NOT SHAMPOO. Check condition of client's hair and scalp. Select correct relaxer strength. Avoid vigorous brushing, combing or tugging. Wearing protective gloves, conduct a strand test using *Chemical Relaxer Application* directions on a small section of hair. Proceed only if condition of hair and scalp are good.

Apply protective petroleum Base or O’Care Professional Hydra-Hairfood on skin around hairline and ears. Avoid hair. Set timer accordingly prior to application of product. Wearing protective gloves, apply a generous amount of the relaxer cream to most resistant area using back of rattail comb or application brush. Avoid applying directly to scalp. Continue application throughout entire head, parting in thin sections. Complete all sections and apply to hairline last. With gloved fingers or back of rattail comb, gently smooth hair at scalp area until desired straightness is achieved. DO NOT exceed recommended timing. Rinse thoroughly with warm water.

It is highly recommended to apply a rinse-off treatment conditioner before using the neutralizing shampoo. Please make sure the cream traces are removed completely before proceeding to normal styling.